Pool Safety Standards

Important Pool Safety Standards and Resources

CamerEye’s AI-vision system is engineered and manufactured to the highest standards of safety and to ensure reliability and maximize customer's peace of mind.

This page contains information about widely adopted pool safety standards such as ASTM and UL. Codes such as ISPSC (International Swimming Pool and Spa Code) adopt these standards.

These specifications deal with the performance requirements for pool alarms for residential swimming pools and spas. This specification is not intended to replace other standard safety requirements that should be in place, that is, adult supervision, fences, gates, locks, and so forth.

CamerEye™:  The First Camera-Based Pool Alarm with ASTM Approval

CamerEye’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) pool safety ecosystem is now the first and only camera-based pool alarm to meet ASTM F2208-08 standards.

CamerEye is also the only pool alarm to be listed as a Type C "Perimeter Alarm that Senses Entry into Water", which can detect people and pets before they enter the water.

With full ASTM F2208 compliance, it’s the only system on the market that offers comprehensive perimeter and in-pool protection. It is also approved to replace floating pool alarms, door alarms, and in-pool splash alarms while meeting the most stringent safety standards.

Solving State Regulatory and Everyday Use Challenges with One System

Multiple major states, including California, Florida, Arizona, and Texas, require all new homes that have pools to have at least one ASTM-compliant alarm during escrow. Common ASTM-compliant pool alarms include door alarms, mesh fences, safety covers, and pool area entry gates.

While ASTM-compliant pool alarms pass state-mandated escrow inspections, their value to pool owners is short lived. Most pool alarms are complicated, cumbersome, and oftentimes unreliable. Many are also outdated, and become a nuisance quickly due to high false alarms.

Keeping your loved ones safe in and around the pool should be simple…

The CamerEye Difference


CamerEye isn't just a pool alarm--it's the world’s first AI-vision and camera-based pool alarm system to:


  • Monitor 24/7/365 to provide an extra pair of eyes that are always open, ensuring loved ones are safe and secure in and around pool areas.
  • Detect the difference between a human and an animal from other moving objects, reducing false alarms experienced with conventional pool alarms and motion-based cameras.  CamerEye also provides very early-stage detection by creating a virtual Smart Fence around a pool via an AI-overhead camera system to detect if humans and pets cross the perimeter.
  • Alert when they cross the virtual Smart Fence around the pool.  Distinct notification alerts for both pets and people to provide total peace of mind. The Type C Perimeter alarm system harnesses the power of AI to fully conform to ASTM F2208-08 and UL 2017 standards.
  • Alarm when it detects humans experiencing early water distress and near-drowning behavior through the power of AI vision.  This ensures that owners get around-the-clock protection and critical alerts without compromise.

How CamerEye Meets Pool Safety Standards

The first AI system to meet ASTM F2208-08 standards for pool safety

The only pool alarm to be listed as a Type C Perimeter Alarm that senses entry into water, detecting humans only before they enter the water

The only ASTM-approved camera system to replace door alarms, mesh fences and safety covers in 33 states

Fully conforms to UL 2017 standards

State-compliant and sleek, offering 24/7 protection without compromising pool aesthetics


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Here are Standards Links for Further Reference:


  • ASTM - Standard Safety Specification for Residential Pool Alarms
  • UL 2017 Standard for Safety General-Purpose Signaling Devices and Systems
  • UPC - International Swimming Pool and Spa Code
  • ISPSC - Safety Barrier Guidelines for Residential Pools

Check your city or state for the safety code or requirements:

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